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  Operating System Report  

The Operating System Report lists the operating system your visitors are running for visitors whose browser types you know. Not all browsers provide this information and not all visitors provide browser information, but what is provided, is summarized here.

This report is sorted by number of requests for pages.

Operating SystemNumber of page requests in the last 7 daysPercentage of page requests in the last 7 days
2.OS unknown91828.08%
    Windows 739812.18%
    Windows XP491.50%
    Windows NT421.28%
    Unknown Windows401.22%
    Windows 2000150.46%
    Windows 3.1120.37%
    Windows CE60.18%
    Windows Server 200330.09%
    Windows 9530.09%
    Windows 9830.09%
    Windows ME30.09%
    Windows Vista20.06%
4.Known robots57017.44%

This report was generated on July 21, 2019 12:53.
Report time frame July 16, 2019 00:03 to July 20, 2019 23:59.

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