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Aroma Products

Aroma Breaks
New concept and packaging make these long lasting wickless candles fun to use in your favorite melter. Just break off a cube or two. Each one lasts about 10-12 hours.

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Unscented package of 10.
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Aroma Stones
5 0z package of our highly scented crystal potpourri. Use in a bowl, in a melter or mixed in with your favorite traditional potpourri.
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Potpourri Aroma Mix

Custom Blends with Unique Added Touches.

Hot Apple Pie
The same wonderful aroma as our highly scented candles in a pot pourri mix. We also added scented mini rolling pins, dried fruit slices, cinnamon sticks and seed pods. 3 cup bag.
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Mini-Cinni Bun
A spicy mix of aromatic elements. This special blend has adorable wax mini-cinni buns with rustic elements as well as cinnamon sticks and mini pinecones. 3 cup bag.
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Victorian Dreams
A relaxing blend of real lavender and rose with interesting botanicals and essential oils. Accented with beeswax angels. 3 cup bag.
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