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We can put "fun" back into fundraising

If not, at least we can make the entire process a lot easier and very profitable. Our program will allow your organization to keep up to 40% of the profit. The average candle sales nets $5-6 in profit. This profit level can not be matched by many of the current fundraising opportunities that are currently available.

Our program can be customized to fit your organizations needs.

The program can be used in a variety of ways. The most common is the door to door method. We have all tried to help out people coming to our door asking for donations. However, how many candy bars or magazines does the average household need? Candles are a unique solution for this dilemma. Seventy-five percent of the homes in the US decorate with candles. They also make great gifts.

If the door to door method is not the kind of fundraiser that your organization likes to sponsor, another option is a table that can be set up in the lobby during certain functions. Also, think about setting up a table of bakery scents during a bake sale. It could be a dieter's dream. The love of bakery goods without the calories.

A Burning Desire would also be available to participate at any fairs or festivals that your organization may sponsor. Our company strongly believes in helping out local businesses.

Our Program

  • We have an extensive list of fragrances in which to choose. We also offer two sizes of apothecary jars.
  • Our representative will meet with your organization and pick the jar size, fragrance options and pricing customized to you.
  • We will provide all necessary paperwork for the fundraiser.
    1. Individual order matrixes for each participant
    2. Customer receipts for all participants
    3. Tally sheets for the final count
  • Your organization will collect all the funds and immediately receive the profit. Sales tax is required to be collected unless a tax exemption is provided.
  • A Burning Desire will then hand pour all the candles ordered.
  • If you are local, we will hand deliver the candles to your organization, eliminating shipping costs to you. If not, exact shipping will be charged with no additional handling charges.
Please contact us today to discuss how together we can sponsor a fun and profitable fundraiser for your organization.

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