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Fragrance List

Fragrances Fragrant Fruits
  Mango Papaya A luscious blend of ripe mango and juicy papaya
  Honeydew Melon Sweet and juicy - captures the essence of a ripe honeydew melon - excellent odor masker
  Blackberry Sage Rich blackberries blended with the fresh aroma of sage
  Sun-Kissed Raspberry A light, fruity blend of sun-ripened raspberries with just a hint of juicy peach
  Peach Magnolia Raspberry A delightful combination of peaches, raspberries, apples and magnolia flowers with the unforgettable overtone of magnolia blooms.
  Pomegranate Fresh ripe pomegranate - will get your mouth watering
  Juicy Mac Apple Juicy, right off the tree, true macintosh apple fragrance
  Mango Macadamia Nut Ripe tropical mango with juicy peach and toasted macadamia nuts on top
  Coconut Split open a ripe fresh coconut and scoop out the meat of this tropical fruit.
  Citrus Blast A refreshing blast of orange, lemon and grapefruit.
This fragrance captures the sweet and tangy essence of this citrus fruit grown locally here in Florida
Fragrances Fantasy Florals
  Plumeria Full-bodied exotic floral fragrance - very true to the flower
  Gardenia A Perfect floral gardenia
  Fresh Lilac The aroma of standing in a field of blooming lilacs
  Honeysuckle Jasmine A very pretty, balanced blend of fragrant honeysuckle and intoxicating jasmine
  Lily of the Valley This scent captures the sweet and fragrant scent of these small, delicate flowers
  Voodoo Love A mysterious rose fragrance - very clean and smooth like freshly cut yellow roses
  Casablanca Lily The beautiful fragrance of the exotic lily with touches of fresh greens and citrus.
  Lavender Dreams Float away on a cloud of relaxing lavender.
  Hibiscus & Thai Palm Green palm leaves gently wrap around a floral bouquet of hibiscus, rose and muguet to create this intoxicating floral.
Fragrances Potpourri
Rain Drops
Refreshing scent of a cleansing morning rain.
Fresh Linen
The comfortable smell of clothes drying in the warm summer air. A fresh, clean blend of powder and musk.
Vanilla Velour
Smooth vanilla with buttery nuiances
Snuggle Baby
The scent of a baby warm from the tub. With the best of both powder and lotion scents that says snuggle me!
Smoke Out
Replace offensive cooking, smoke or pet odors with this refreshing clean scent.
Romantic Nights
The sensual smell of a freshly showered man ready for an evening of romance.
Bamboo Breeze
An exotic sultry fragrance from the Far East. Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine, cyclamen and lavender make up this amazing blend.
Koala's Kiss
Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with a mild hint of lime.
  Headcold Help
Head a little stuffy? Try this special blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol to breathe easier.
Fragrances Luscious Bakery
  Banana Nut Bread The heady aroma of freshly baked sweet ripened bananas with lots of nuts and hints of butter.
  Orange Chiffon Cake The heavenly smell of an orange chiffon cake fresh from the oven.
  Caramel Pecan Pie The inviting smell of crunchy toasted pecans in a warm caramel filing all nestled in a buttery crust
  Blueberry Muffins Plump, tart blueberries baked into a buttery crust filling the air with the home baked scent of blueberry muffins
  Hazelnut Hazelnuts, hazelnuts and more hazelnuts.
  Hot Apple Pie Spicy apple pie straight from the oven
  Buttercream Crunch Creamy coconut, sweet maple and rich butter mingle with ginger, nutmeg and a touch of cocoa.
  Crème Brulee Grab a spoon and dip into the creamy custard and brown sugar caramel topping of this elegant desert.
  Biscotti The aroma of crispy baked Italian cookies with vanilla and almond.
  Carrot Cake Fresh carrot cake - you can actually smell the cream cheese frosting.
Fragrances Spring Splendor
  Kudzu Sweet grape-like fragrance of kudzu blossoms in full bloom.
  French Market The intoxicating aroma of a vibrant flower market filled with roses, magnolia blooms, gardenia, tuberose and iris blossoms.
  Caribbean Musk A Caribbean breeze carrying guava, mango and other tropical scents blended with a soft touch of musk.
  Tropical Paradise Like a fresh breeze coming from the islands to your door.
  Cucumber Ivy Mint Ivy with delicate notes of mint and just a touch of cool cucumber. Excellent odor masking.
  Rain Drops Refreshing scent of a cleansing morning rain.
  Fresh Linen The comfortable smell of clothes drying in the warm summer air. A fresh, clean blend of powder and musk.
Fragrances Scentational Summer
  Sex on the Beach The favorite vacation drink - an upbeat mix of peach, orange and a splash of cranberry.
  Ocean Lily of the Valley with rose and jasmine carried on the summer breeze.
  Coco Lime Cooler Lime with coconut for a refreshing and smooth tropical fruit balance.
  Summer Citrus A Refreshing blast of orange, lemon and grapefruit - the perfect fragrance for a hot summer day.
  Pina Colada Imagine sipping this tropical drink while swaying in a hammock stretched between palm trees - A true vacation favorite.
Sniffie Samples

Can't decide if a fragrance is right for you? Send us an email with your name and address and request up to 5 "Sniffie Samples". These scented cards are a perfect way to sniff a fragrance prior to purchasing.

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